Business strategy is a certification program that discusses how participants can find out the strategies that can be used by companies to achieve their goals, to how to implement these strategies effectively.

The curriculum framework in the Strategic Business Management module is prepared based on the Strategic Management Common Body of Knowledge which is a reference in community management strategies. Adjustment to the realities and challenges that exist in strategic management practice in Indonesia, makes the emphasis of the nine parts of the body of knowledge (BOK) not the same. Several sections, such as Strategic Human Capital, Knowledge and Innovation were not included as they have been accommodated in our other Business Management Certificate programs.

Learning Scope

  • The Scope of Strategic Management:
  • External Analysis - Concepts
  • External Analysis - Identifying Business Opportunities
  • Internal Analysis - Concepts
  • Internal Analysis - Business Life Cycle
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Busines Model Canvas
  • The Concept of Business Growth: Growth Horizon and Source of Growth
  • Growth and Business Model Innovation
  • Growth Financing
  • Managing Growth Problems
  • Situational Strategy: Mature, Decline and Turbulance
  • Strategy Deployment & Execution:
    • Systemic Approach of Strategic
    • Leadership
    • Examples
  • Strategic Leadership: The Role of Leaders in Managing Growth (Guest Lecturer).

Learning methods


To make the learning program run well and generate significant added value, participants involved in this program MUST HAVE the following profile:

  • Being in management that has made cross-functional decisions in an integrated manner

and has one of the following criteria:

  • Be at a management level that has exposure to business strategy decision making (strategy to establish competitive advantage) or corporate strategy (strategy to grow through a business portfolio)
  • Work in the field of business development, either as a company management actor or a Business Consultant
  • As the owner of the company
  • Carrying out duties as a Commissioner or Independent Commissioner in the company.


Program schedule

  • Starts from 20 June 2024