Course and Certification Programs
Prasmul-eli certified online training aims to help develop your hard skills and soft skills in working in a company
Certificate Business Management
General Business Management

Certification program is an intensive education management program. Based on business program, prasmul-eli certification program is designed to discuss all aspect on business management. This program use the combination of teaching-learning method that includes discussion, case study, seminar, group discussipn, and group assignments.

This certification program will be conducted 3 times a week, at 19:00-21:00 WIB. This program is designed to provide deep understanding and insgiht of a business aspect.

Due to covid-19 pandemic, we conduct our certification program through online method. Although you will not have a face-to-face class, you can get a flexible and comfortable training, and still gain an optimum learning experience. You can have an active discussion, obtain feedback directly, and have real-time interaction with lecturer and fellow participants. Our learning experience is designed to create a dynamic learning, allow for further exploration of topics, ideas, and concept, and build interaction and relationship among participants.

Our consultant has also designed the program to be interactive, informative, and collaborative where you can do an assignment together.

This certification programs can also be applied as in-company program, that can provide flexibility for your company to develop numbers of employees in a specific topic or class. We can discuss the schedule, place, and company's needs in order to gain maximum learning result for employees, management, and business.

The difference between this certification programs and short program is on the depth of topic and duration. Short program provide trainig on a specific topic, while certification programs discuss a whole aspec of business as a whole and integrateg, therefore participants will obtain applicable skill to drive and develop those aspect on their company.

prasmul-eli has become a trusted partner for national, multinational companies, and government agencies to develop their human resource to face business and organization's challanges. We provide contextual and systematic service, designed to solve problems by considering alignment to each company's strategic direction.

We have cooperate and partnered with corporate university, corporate learning center, and human resource department to develop Customized Intervention Program in the form of consultancy, and by designing, executing, and evaluating learning/development program.

This program can be delivered in the form of in-class program, business improvement, executive coaching, team building, and other development program. With more than a decade of experience and dedicated consultant, we understand how to create effective development program, delivery method, and evaluation method.

If you have any question or need more informaiton, feel free to contact our team at or by contacting our Whatsapp at +62-822-111-111-50.