Human Resource Management & Development

Human Resource Management and Development is an HR training program to understand employees and job seekers in dealing with today's business competition

HR training and develpment has a significant impact on company's ability to achieve their vision and mission in facing the business competition.Good cross-functional cooperation within the company could support the targets achievement. Therefore, the management of Human Resources Management can significantly affects company's overall performance.

The curriculum framework in CBM Human Resources Management is based on a body of knowledge from several International Certification bodies for Professionals in Human Resource Management.

Learning Objectives

  • Provides integrated insight into organizational behavior and Human Resource Management strategies
  • Increase participants' understanding of organizational behavior and HR Management strategies
  • Improve competence in managing HR
  • Improve competence in managing the organization.

Learning Coverage

  • Introduction to Organization Behavior
  • Perception, Values and Attitudes
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Leadership and Power
  • Team Management
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • & Human Resource Planning
  • Job Analysis & Job Design
  • Recruitment Selection
  • Orientation Training & Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Job Evaluation
  • Reward Management
  • Career Management
  • Industrial Relationship
  • Strategic HR Management:
    • Organizational Development
    • Organizational Culture
    • Learning Organization
    • Knowledge Management
    • Talent Management.

Learning Method

  • Synchronous online learning and hybrid learning
  • Case study
  • Group discussion
  • Exam
  • Guest speaker.



  • Those in the Human Resources section
  • Those who already have a background in management,
  • Those in managerial positions,
  • Professionals and Consultants who wish to explore the field of Human Resources, or to provide insight for those from other fields.


  • 7 Feb 2024
  • 19 Jun 2024