Short Programs
Program pelatihan singkat (short training programs) adalah program pengembangan dalam menganalisa dan mengembangkan strategi bisnis dan disupervisi oleh para ahli di bidangnya
Managing People & Organization
Assessment Development Program

The purpose of strategic management short programs is to equip mid-manager and senior manager with crucial skills and knowledge to develop strategic framework. The ability to analyze and develop business strategies, identify and measure company's performance, and managing changes is necessary to ensure competitive advantage and company growth,

Short Programs aim to inspire and expand  business perspective, this program will run on 2-3 days, from 08:00 - 12:15 or 13:00 - 17:15 WIB.

Various topic has been categorized to give understanding of hard skills and soft skills to develop participant's competence and ability to become a reliable resource to achieve company goals.

Our short programs can also be applied as in-company program, that can provide flexibility for your company to develop numbers of employees in a specific topic or class. We can discuss the schedule, place, and company's needs in order to gain maximum learning result for employees, management, and business.

The difference between short programs and certification program is on the topics and its variety. Certification program gives understanding about business aspect as a whole, while short programs offers training for specific skills. Both can be implemented for your company.

Short programs can be conducted through online and onsite method. In online class,  although you will not have a face-to-face class, you can get a flexible and comfortable training, and still gain an optimum learning experience. You can have an active discussion, obtain feedback directly, and have real-time interaction with lecturer and fellow participants. Our learning experience is designed to create a dynamic learning, allow for further exploration of topics, ideas, and concept, and build interaction and relationship among participants.

Meanwhile, through the onsite method, the program will be run at Prasetiya Mulya Cilandak, South Jakarta, where you will interact directly with teachers and other participants in a classroom that has been created to support training sessions. You can also experience supported games and simulations to practice what our Principals have taught.

In our class, you can:

Our consultant has designed the program to be interactive, informative, and collaborative where you can do an assignment together.

This program can be delivered in the form of in-class program, business improvement, executive coaching, team building, and other development program. With more than a decade of experience and dedicated consultant, we understand how to create effective development program, delivery method, and evaluation method.