Effective Business Communication: Writing and Presentation

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Presentation as a communication tool

Giving presentations has become one of the most important parts of an executive's job. For any executive looking to advance their career, being able to give a professional presentation is an essential skill.

Presentations play an important role in communicating reports and other important information for your work. A professional presentation will also tell others that you have mastered the topic of discussion.

This training also provides guidance on how to prepare and deliver a presentation. Covers all aspects of presentations, from planning to execution, and provides specific advice on what to do and what to avoid when making a presentation. This training method includes lectures, case discussions and recorded role plays.

English business writing

Writing is an indispensable skill for anyone working in the business world. Writing will formalize what is conveyed orally.

Having skills in writing is important to prevent misunderstandings and to prevent costly mistakes. Everyone in the business world, at almost every level up to the CEO, will need to do some writing. Examples include internal office memos, emails to write and reply to, and business correspondence with clients, governments, and suppliers, and a wide variety of business reports and proposals to write and present.

This training will provide participants with writing skills that are useful in the business world. The instructor will guide you, step by step, in how to simplify but still sharpen the message in their communication writings. This training will also look at different structures in business reporting.

Learning objectives

  • Better understand how a good presentation is supported by the presenter's behavior and style
  • Prepare presentation materials well, so that they can attract the attention of the audience
  • Using special techniques so that the presentation reaches its targets and objectives
  • Identify problems in giving presentations and resolve them
  • Understand the importance of effective and efficient writing
  • Develop and sharpen the ability to write a topic related to business in English
  • Understand the structure in writing business reports

Learning Scope

Day 1

  • Structure & design of reports
  • Various report writing
  • Workshop: writing

Day 2

  • Effective presentation & technique

Day 3

  • Presentation workshop
  • Wrap up & evaluation

Learning Method

  • Lecturing
  • Concept application
  • Workshop
  • Group discussion


Managers and Staff who need to give presentations

Program Schedule


  • 20 February 2024 - 22 February 2024