Financial Analysis

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To assess the results of a company's achievements in a financial statement, company leaders are usually not only based on company profits. However, financial statements can reflect many aspects and potential issues that need to be addressed.

Financial Statement Analysis as a Reflection of Success and Corporate Planning Guidelines

Financial statement analysis is an information tool to assist management in making decisions. For management, it is necessary to know the efficiency of resource utilization. For bankers, it is important to provide credit, both short-term that assesses the liquidity of the company, and long-term that analyzes the cash flow of prospects. Investors use it to see the profitability of their business and to know the rate of return on their investment. This program will help you optimally analyze financial statements, so you can decide what your company will do next.

Learning Objectives

  • Skilled in using analytical techniques and tools and understanding patterns of financial statement analysis for each occasion
  • Understand the benefits of results and summary of financial statement analysis

Learning Coverage

Day 1

  • A brief review of the types of financial reports
  • Practice and simulation of preparing financial reports
  • Financial report analysis as a tool for measuring company performance

Day 2

  • Performance indicators with ratios: liquidity, solvency, profitability, efficiency
  • The relationship between each financial performance
  • Other things outside financial reports that affect company performance

Learning Method

  • Self-assessment 
  • Discussion groups 
  • Case studies


Switomo Santoso

*subject to availability


Managers/executives who need to know how to analyze financial statements of business development officers/credit analysts.

Program schedule


  • 6 August 2024 - 7 August 2024


  • 23 April 2024 - 24 April 2024
  • 19 November - 20 November 2024