Strategic Business Analysis
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The rising tide of information has left many business executives disoriented and unable to act proactively. For example, the issue of rescheduling foreign debt has not yet resolved, there has been an issue that Asia will experience a second financial crisis. Just as the investment in the expansion of production facilities was approved, the market suddenly showed symptoms of sluggishness. While actively selling efforts are carried out, there are new competitors who enter with better product quality and cheaper prices to deal with chaotic situations like this, business executives need to equip themselves with strategic business analysis skills.

It is the ability to analyze various factors that lead to understanding, translating, and characterizing strategic issues that determine the survival of the company. Only when business executives know about strategic issues will they have a greater chance of succeeding in the competitive arena, during an increasingly violent information storm

Learning Objectives

Through the Strategic Business Analysis program, business executives will be equipped with:

  • Knowledge to identify events, trends and forces that can radically change the future of the business
  • Skills in using a company environmental analysis model that is open to the characteristics of each company
  • Ability to deduce strategic issues based on the synthesis method. Strategic issues with a focus on the so-called "drivers", "dominos" and "wildcards"
  • Knowledge to manage business strategic analysis so that the resulting strategic issues can drive strategy formulation and implementation activities.

Learning Coverage

Day 1

  • Introduction to Strategic Business Analysis
  • General Environment and Scenario Analysis
  • Industrial Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis

Day 2

  • Internal Analysis
  • Core Competence Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Day 3

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Customer Pain & Gain Analysis

Learning Method

  • Group Discussions
  • Interactive Workshops


Alfred Albert Tuwahatu

Ruby Hermanto

Gerhard Sitanggang

*subject to availability



  • Company leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Entrepreneurs.

Program schedule


  • 23 April 2024 - 25 April 2024


  • 23 July 2024 - 24 July 2024
  • 15 October - 16 October 2024
  • 3 December 2024 - 4 December 2024