System Thinking and Complex Decision Making

System Thinking & Complex Decision Making with prasmul-eli. Training courses with professional coaches to develop your career

“Elevating the Quality of Strategic Decision in Complex World”.

The increasingly connected business world makes the business world more complex. Complex because this connection makes more and more factors and parties involved in the business ecosystem where factors with one another influence and influence each other. The decision to solve a problem or take a policy in this situation requires decision makers to have the capability to see the big picture as a system, this is where system thinking becomes an important foundation in the way of thinking.

Learning Objective

In this two-day program, participants learning through a simulation will be invited to be able to recognize and feel 4 common situations and discuss decision-making patterns that match those situations. Participants will also practice the ability to think and describe a situation in a causal diagram. At the end, participants were also invited to be aware of psychological biases in making decisions that often occur. After this program, participants are expected to improve the quality of decision making because decisions are taken more integratively, comprehensively and anticipatorily.

Learning Scope

Day 1

  • Decision making patterns in simple, complicated, complex &; chaotic situations
  • Causal Loop Diagram, feedback and delayed feedback in a system

Day 2

  • System thinking in decision and policy making
  • Psychological biases in decision-making

Learning Methods

  • Lecturing
  • Group Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop



Ruby Hermanto

Gerhard Sitanggang

Alfred Albert Tuwahatu


*subject to availability



Board of Directors of Senior Management Strategic Decision Making Company.

Jadwal program



  • 13 August 2024 - 14 August 2024



IDR 7.000.000,00