Managing Strategic B2B Account

Managing Strategic B2B Account Program with prasmul-eli. Online training courses with professional coaches to develop your career

Through this program you are invited to be able to see in more depth how to prepare and manage marketing strategies for B2B businesses. It starts with a basic understanding of what B2B is and how it differs from B2C. How do we fundamentally design market mapping and determine the target market. Identify who the real target is at macro and micro level. What is their pain and gain? And how we can meet their expectations in a more appropriate and better manner than competitors?

In this program you are also invited to understand the role of Branding in B2B businesses and what efforts we have to do in building communication for the creation of leads. At the end, you will be invited to understand the importance of relationship marketing in B2B and how Key Account Management can be the answer to these needs.

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, participants are expected to be able to prepare and manage marketing strategies for B2B businesses.

Learning Coverage

Day 1

  • Key Account Management and Key Accounts defined.
  • Relational development of KAM.
  • Key accounts classifications and portfolio management

Day 2

  • Key account managers: Hunters versus Farmers.
  • Customer’s Decision Making Units
  • Key account planning.

Learning Method

  • Synchronous Online Learning
  • Case Study
  • Group Discussion (Breakout Room).


Ruby Hermanto

*subject to availability


  • Company leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senior managers across departments
  • Senior & middle managers from the marketing, business development, R&D, market research, sales, and other divisions closely related to sales, marketing and market development.

Program schedule


  • 8 October 2024 - 9 October 2024