C Level

C-Level Program with prasmul-eli. Training courses with professional coaches to develop your career

C-Level is the top management level, which has different leadership challenges from previous levels. A large responsibility, both legally and strategically, lies on the shoulders of those at this level. The management knowledge and experience that has brought them to this position is not sufficient to provide them with the provision to carry out C-Level functions effectively.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Learning objectives

This program is designed to provide insight into crucial matters for carrying out the functions and roles as a Company leader.

Learning Coverage

Day 1

  • Roles and Responsibilities from Legal Perspective
  • The Director's role is to build and maintain good corporate governance: whistle blowing, money laundering

Day 2

  • Assessing Company Financial Performance: What Good is Good?
  • Financial Issues for Top Management : e.g. Tax, Transfer Pricing, Dividend, Risk

Day 3

  • Strategic Foresight
  • Organizational Issues for Top Management: Structure and Management Control

Day 4

  • Managing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leadership for Top Management: Leader presence, conflict management, communication

Learning methods

  • Offline Class
  • Engaging learning experiences through group discussions
  • Lively & Interactive with sharing, lecturing, case studies
  • Expert Sharing (Guest Speaker)


  • All C-levels.

Program Schedule


  • 13-16 August 2024



Rp. 16,000,000