Corporate Valuation

Corporate Valuation Program with prasmul-eli. Online training courses with professional coaches to develop your career

It has been realized that corporate valuation is a management tool that is increasingly taking a central place in corporate business decision making. This tool is very useful for both outside and inside investors.

Outside investors use tools as analytical tools that will provide input for decisions to buy, sell or hold an asset. Meanwhile, inside investors use it to evaluate business strategy choices and value enhancement. The business strategy includes important investment decisions, mergers, acquisitions and growth decisions. With value enhancement, Business Managers can identify factors that can improve company performance which is reflected in company value.

Learning objectives

This two-day program will help participants develop their ability to conduct company valuations. These capabilities can help improve the quality of their financial and strategic decisions.

It is hoped that, after completing the program, participants will receive:

  • Understanding and context of corporate valuation
  • Knowledge of several valuation methods
  • Understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each valuation method and when to use it
  • Readiness to use valuation as an important tool in making business decisions
  • Introduction of value enhancement.

Learning Scope

Day 1

  • Definitions of corporate valuation
  • Predicting free cash flow

Day 2

  • Estimating cost of capital
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Market approach to valuation

Learning methods


Corporate valuation is suitable to be attended, but not limited to:

  • Executives involved in financial decisions and corporate strategy
  • Consultants who provide financial consulting and valuation services
  • Securities analysts wishing to gain knowledge of fundamental analysis.

Program Schedule


  • 2 August 2024 - 3 August 2024