Transformational Leadership

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Environmental changes are occurring rapidly, requiring leaders who are able to immediately adapt to changing demands. Leaders who are able to mobilize not only themselves but also the entire team to successfully achieve targets amidst the current of changes that are occurring.

Transformational Leadership is a leadership theory in which a leader works with a team or followers/subordinates without relying on their own interests, and to identify necessary changes, create a vision to guide change through influence, inspiration, and implement changes together with members who have shared commitment. Transformational leadership occurs when the leader's behavior influences followers/subordinates and inspires them to perform beyond their realized abilities. Transformational leadership inspires people to achieve unexpected or extraordinary results.

Transformational leadership can be practiced and developed through 4 dimensions of leadership known as the 4I's. The first is Inspirational Motivation, which is when leaders inspire their followers to achieve the highest goals of the organization by inspiring commitment and creating a shared vision for their organization. The second I is Idealized Influence where the leader acts as a strong role model for his organization and leads by example and is charismatic. The third I is Intellectual Stimulation, namely when a leader encourages his followers to think creatively, innovatively and produce new ideas without hesitation by using communication methods that stimulate thinking. The fourth I is Individualized Consideration where leaders establish strong relationships with their followers, pay attention to individual uniqueness, provide support and guide their subordinates and allocate their time to develop the potential of their subordinates.
In this 2-day training, participants will be provided with various examples of best practices in the world of leadership. Inspirational stories, short videos, interactive discussions between participants, make this training an inspiring experience. Presented by resource persons who are experienced in leadership in various large companies and have long experience facilitating various national companies in terms of leadership for various generations.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Program Objectives

  • This program is prepared to equip participants to develop effective transformational leadership skills
  • Participants understand the basic principles and concepts of Transformational Leadership and can identify the differences between transformational leadership and other leadership styles
  • Participants are able to apply the transformational leadership model with a focus on the 4Is (Idealized Influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, Individualized Consideration) in practical leadership situations
  • Participants can carry out self-evaluations related to transformational leadership abilities and can design personal development plans to improve transformational leadership skills
  • Participants are able to develop the ability to inspire and influence teams and manage change effectively.

Learning Coverage

Day 1

  • Why Are We Talking About Leadership (again)?
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Inspirational Motivation
  • Roleplay

Day 2

  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Roleplay
  • Transformational Leader's Talk
  • Wrap Up

Learning methods

  • Offline Class
  • Engaging learning experiences through group discussions
  • Lively & Interactive with sharing, lecturing, roleplay, case study, watch movies
  • Self-assessment
  • Expert Sharing (Guest Speaker)


  • Middle Managers & Up


M.A. Endang Tatiana
Ruben Saragih

*Subject to availability

Program Schedule


  • 3-4 September 2024