Feedback in Assessment Center

The Feedback in Assessment Center program aims to improve the ability to provide feedback from the results of the Assessment Center through appropriate methods of identifying managerial competencies

Assessment Center is a reliable method in assessing a person's managerial ability. These abilities include leadership, decision making, business analysis, planning, organizing and so on.

The results of this assessment center can be used by organizations both for the purpose of selection, manning, development and other organization-specific goals. In relation to the purpose of the assessment center, the results of the assessment need to be known by the participants so that it will be useful for participants and for organizations to design programs for the development and utilization of assessment center results. This effort to provide information is called a feedback assessment center.

The provision of feedback assessment center has its own specificity compared to other feedback giving. Because the feedback assessment center must refer to specific key competencies and behaviors related to the demands of the position shown during the assessment process. For this reason, special briefing is needed for those who will be tasked with providing feedback on the results of the assessment center through a program called FEEDBACK IN ASSESSMENT CENTER.

So through this program, it is expected that those who are in charge of providing feedback related to the results of the assessment center have the necessary skills to carry out their duties as feedback givers of assessment center results.

Learning Objective

Participants understand how to provide feedback on assessment center results. Understand what competencies are required in providing feedback. Can encourage feedback recipients to understand the results of the assessment center. Can grow insights for feedback recipients to develop the necessary competition.

Learning Scope

Day 1

  • Assessment Center Preview
  • Competency Preview
  • About Feedback

Day 2

  • Practice Feedback
  • Discussion
  • Overview

Learning Method


Online learning through the Zoom platform.

group discussion

Sessions where participants can interact and work together in small groups to solve a problem or do a particular task.

Feedback practice

The participants will carry out a simulation of the material that has been presented, so that they get experience applying the material directly.


Teuku Zilmahram


The Assessor Assessment Center. It is also useful for managers, HRD, HR practitioners who want to know how to provide feedback on the results of the assessment center

Program Schedule 2024


  • 12 June 2024 - 13 June 2024



  • Rp.3.800.000