[On-demand] Strategic Qualification Assessment Program

Assessment program in the field of technical capabilities at management or strategy level, with a competency dictionary that can be adapted to organizational needs.

Assessment Objectives

Identify Strategic Qualification capabilities, or abilities in a technical field, at the management or strategy level for various purposes (such as selection, promotion, talent mapping, and so on)

Assessed Competencies

The competencies measured can be adjusted to suit organizational needs. The assessments that have been carried out include the following competencies:

  1. Finance
  2. Commercial
  3. Human Resources
  4. Operation
  5. Technology

Assessment Methods

Virtual Assessment

The assessment uses a virtual platform and can be held online or hybrid.

Case analysis

Participants will be asked to explain a written case for an organization and develop an analysis and recommendations about the organization.

Structured Interview

Participants will undergo structured interviews related to Strategic Qualification competencies

Program Duration

6 hours – 8 hours