ELI Online Profiler (EOP)

ELI Online Profiler (EOP) is an online potential assessment tool that identifies intellectual capability and personality profile.


What does EOP Identify?

General Intelligence

General Intelligence reflects test taker’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and will help in identifying their general mental ability 

This assessment provides an insight to the test-taker’s  capability in verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning, as well as their speed and accuracy in performing the test. 


Learning Agility Index

Learning Agility Index was developed based on the concept of Cattel’s Fluid Thinking Theory to identify test takers’ readiness in utilizing their innate mental capability had they are placed in a new position or in a role that requires quick adjustments. 

The assessment can capture test-takers’ speed & accuracy, reasoning, focus & attention, numerical ability, and technical problem solving. 


Personality Type

Personality Type reveals individual characteristics in a typical scenario in the workplace and how they would react under stressful situations. 

This assessment also generates a description of the test taker’s personality profile based on the identified type, as well as personal strengths, developmental opportunities, and preferred behavior in the workplace.


Work Approach

Work Approach uncovers test taker’s preferred attitudes and behaviors in work situations, such as their leading or social approach

This assessment projects an individual's tendency in dealing with certain conditions and what kind of tasks they are more willing to engage in.

Based on the four assessments, our system will analyze the result and then generate a report that are clustered into four categories:

  • Intelligence 
  • Work attitude
  • Personality 
  • Leadership 

Customizable standards can also be generated for each aspect, so the result can match an individual's score with any future or existing roles. 

Our system will also generate a handy summary about the test taker’s profile. Based on the set standard, it will show the recommendation and job-match analysis percentage.


Why ELI Online Profiler?

Access Anywhere

Our browser-based platform can be accessed using  most devices and operating systems. All you need to have are a valid email address, a working internet connection, and the latest browser, and you’re set to go.


Adjustable Standard

Our customizable platform will match the test-takers’ result with the job profile standards that have been set beforehand. 

It will then conduct a job-fit analysis process and deliver the result in the form of job-fit percentage, recommendation, and summarized profile.


Proctored Process

Our online proctoring technology will ensure that the whole assessment process is carried out by the intended test takers.

It will utilize any available camera on the test taker’s device to randomly capture the test process and situation.