Competency Assessment Program

The Prasmul-eli Online Assessment Program provides solutions for organizations in identifying and developing talent to support organizational effectiveness

Prasmul-eli Assessment Center provides solution for organizations to identify and develop talents to support organization's effectiveness.

We believe in the importance of talent and organization's fit. Constant studies and practice show that a personal profile that fit will improve productivity and happiness at work. The lack of understanding of such matters could harm personal improvement and organization.

Organizations face disruption due to advancing technologies and other factors, therefore it's important to identify employees that are able to adapt and survive in this rapidly shifting environment. Being able to understand personal and professional characteristics of your employee is a must, because it's an important part to determine where your company goes and its ability to maintain sustainable competitive advantage.

Oftentimes, organizations tend to focus on appropriateness assessment (Can Do) and neglect suitability assessment (Will Do). But, recently, there are more organizations that use motivation value fit to obtain a more holistic and comprehensive approach about their talent.

In Assessment Center, we combine two approaches in identifying such talents:

The existence of Assessment Services is an integrative solution for organizations seeking talent development. We will help you to map out and develop high quality talents within the organization to provide a more optimal contribution in accordance with their respective potentials and competencies.

As such, this public assessment program provides behavioral potential and competency assessment service to help you discover and identify your or your talents’ personal profiles. Our assessment tool is designed with validity, security, and practicality in mind. We put high priority in ensuring that the result of the assessment is secure and accountable, while greatly considering the ease of use for our customers.