The Strategic Level Assessment Program (S-LAP) is an Assessment Center program that is focused on assessing managerial competency abilities at the Strategic Management level or to occupy manager positions

The Management Level Assessment Program (M-LAP) is a sub-product of SMO-LAP in the form of an Assessment Center tool which is focused on assessing managerial competency abilities at the Middle Management level or to occupy middle level manager positions. What is meant by holding managerial positions at the Middle Management level here, for example Manager, Assistant VP, etc. Program participants themselves can be one level below the Middle Manager or at the same level.

M-LAP Competency Assessment List


The ability to lead a group of people or an organization effectively.

Business Acumen

Ability to take advantage of opportunities to gain profit and develop the company's business activities.

Digital Savvy

Understanding of digital technology such as social media, mobile, analytics, cloud and Internet of Things to support company business management.

Partnership Building

Ability to identify and develop relationships with key stakeholders representing a broad range of functions and levels; using informal networks to get work done; build strong external networks with people in the industry or profession


The ability to adapt to different conditions or circumstances.

Operations Management

The ability to manage an organization to achieve maximum levels of effectiveness and efficiency in terms of the use of company resources.

Results Focus

The ability to act focused on the final results to be achieved.


Ability to facilitate others to develop new knowledge, skills, and behaviors


Ability to give, receive or exchange ideas, information, signals or messages through appropriate media.

Activity Mechanism

Problem Analysis - 1 hour

Presentation & Q&A - 50 minutes (20 minutes presentation + 30 minutes question and answer)

Clarification interview - 30 minutes

Role play - 1 hour (30 minutes preparation + 30 minutes implementation)

Competency based interview (add on) - 1 hour

One-on-One Feedback (add on) - 1 hour



This program is suitable for measuring managerial competence for employees at the following levels:

  • BOD
  • General Manager
  • VP
  • Manager

Assessor Profile

Teuku Zilmahram