The Operational Level Assessment Program (O-LAP) is an Assessment Center program focused on assessing managerial competency abilities at the Operational level (First Line Manager).

The Operational Level Assessment Program (O-LAP) is a sub-product of SMO-LAP in the form of an Assessment Center tool specifically for assessing managerial abilities at the Operational level (First Line Manager), or for occupying operational level manager positions. The definition of an operational level leader here is a managerial position holder at the first line manager level, such as supervisor, team leader, assistant manager, etc. Program participants themselves can be one level below the first line manager or at the equivalent level.

O-LAP Competency Assessment List

  • Competency Label
  • Definition of competency
  • Concern for Order
  • Ability to understand and comply with company regulations, service standards, protocols and organizational codes of ethics in order to produce quality products
  • Business Awareness
  • Understand what makes an organization successful, including capturing existing opportunities.

Digital Literacy

Encouraging digitalization in the organizational environment.


Ability to decompose problems into small parts and understand their realization. Includes the ability to recognize cause-effect relationships or if-then relationships systematically, make comparisons between aspects, and determine logistical priority orders.

Continuous improvement

Ability to make continuous improvements to improve organizational performance.

Supervising Others

Ability to ensure staff carry out work according to expected goals.

Team work

Ability to work together in a group to achieve agreed goals.

Customer orientation

Ability to understand customer needs, both internal and external, and do the necessary things to meet customer needs.


Activity Mechanism

Problem analysis - 1 jam

Presentation & Q&A - 50 minutes (20 minutes presentation + 30 minutes question and answer)

Explanatory interview - 30 minutes

Role play - 1 hour (30 minutes preparation + 30 minutes implementation)

Competency-based interview (additional) - 1 hour

One-on-one Feedback (additional) - 1 hour


This program is suitable for measuring managerial competence for employees at the following levels:

  • BOD
  • Manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Supervisor
  • Senior staff

Assessor Profile

Teuku Zilmahram